The Fantastic Toes


(Words by Tony Rasmussen)

Mesmerize me with the arc of your graceful glide,

something to see in the evening time.

I guess I’m just lucky ever to meet my kind,

so flip on a record and skip to the shady side.

Black dog won’t leave, he won’t leave me alone tonight,

pleasure’s so brief then it’s gone like the dusk-dance of fireflies.


Certain of nothing ‘cept certainly out of my mind,

I’ll wait for your heel clicks (click-clack) then I’ll feel “all right.”


I know you’ve seen what’s up the road ahead,

the parting spectral words you softly dread....already a shadow.


Save your goodbyes, let’s see the world like it’s new,

I will savor each hour, pluck each petal with you.