The Fantastic Toes


 (words by Tony Rasmussen)

You dream fast, I dream slow,

once for “yes” twice for “no”,

our footfalls recall

the shadow play upon the red-brick walls.


Look who’s here, feasting friends,

some just flew in and out again,

spinning ‘round the room

like zoetrope with telescopic slide.


Slow drag lovin’, black-bride coven,

troubled by nothin’ and your swoon suits me.


Istanbul to Motovun,

dry your eyes, soak the sun,

hear the drums keep pace

in our ragged race to the sea.


Heart beat fast, heart beat slow,

settle in, miles to go,

as the frames fly past

they reveal at last you and me.


Sway lightly


until we...


Go lightly, go lightly,

we got to go,

you dream fast and I dream slow!


Trouble come, trouble go,

you dream fast and I dream slow.